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Wed, 29/11/2023 - 23:11

The 5th Caspian Sea BRAVO Exercise under the Aktau Protocol was held on 14 November 2023

Bravo exercise on Alarm and Communication exercise was held under the leadership of Turkmenistan with support of the Tehran Convention interim Secretariat. The representatives of the Lead State provided a description of the incident scenario and outlined the goals and objectives for representatives of the Contracting Parties during the exercise.

Bravo exercise are carried out in accordance with the article 5 of the Protocol Concerning Regional Preparedness, Response and Co-operation in Combating Oil Pollution Incidents to the Tehran Convention (“Aktau Protocol”), which provides for “each Contracting Party shall, individually or within the framework of bilateral or multilateral cooperation, establish programs of exercises and staff training to improve the state of readiness of the bodies responsible for dealing with oil pollution incidents”.

The aim of the Bravo exercise is to test the agreed procedures and lines of communication for reporting, requesting and providing assistance, and to get a picture of the current response readiness of the Contracting Parties when called to assist. The exercise further aims at familiarizing the personnel with the use and national handling of the adopted POLREP reporting form.