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Mon, 27/11/2023 - 17:45

The Working Group on Meeting and Assessment met on 7 November 2023

The Working Group on Monitoring and Assessment held an online meeting to review and discuss the list of marine parameters indispensable for a proper description of the state of the Caspian environment and agree on the next steps to be taken towards the implementation of the updated Environment Monitoring Programme.

The Working Group on Monitoring and Assessment (WGMA) was established in 2015 following a decision by COP5 (Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, May 2014) as an advisory body to the Tehran Convention Secretariat with a primary goal to facilitate and coordinate the activities of the Contracting Parties in the marine environmental monitoring to fulfil their obligations under the Article 19 of the Tehran Convention. COP6 in October 2022 confirmed the Terms of Reference and the composition of the WGMA.

Lately the WGMA activities have been focused on updating of the Environmental Monitoring Programme which had been developed and welcomed by COP-4 in 2012 “as the basis for continuation of this activity and capacity building and regional cooperation for monitoring the parameters which determine the quality of the marine environment of the Caspian Sea”. During the meeting, the members of the WGMA examined capabilities of the Parties in the marine environmental monitoring and developed a roadmap to the earliest finalization and implementation of the EMP to the best extent possible for the Caspian littoral states to this day with the intention to broaden the scope of the monitoring activities in future.

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